New Trend Alert

Summer has finally arrived and you know what that means……BRAND NEW FASHION TRENDS are around the block, some are climbing their way to the top and making a statement while others are simply making a comeback. Wanting to get a head start on these upcoming fashion trends? Well ladies you are in for a treat because below I have provided you with the TOP ELEVEN hot new trends that I have personally seen around in the streets of Queen, Spadina and Kensington wore by innovative fashion leaders and of course on celebrities. Check them out:


1. Lipstick


2. Detox WaterPhoto Dec 02, 12 30 02 PM

3. Natural/No Make UpNo makeup makeup

4. Jelliesjuju-jelly-shoes-mixmag







6. Chokers













7.Chunky Platform heels





8. Bold Shoe Buckle






9. Palazzo Pants



10. Fruit Mania11-Spring-Fruit


11. Say it loud and proud



demoiselle en noir


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