Part 1: What’s in my closet?



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For my Spring/Summer 2014 wardrobe, I got inspired by the beautiful Solange Knowles. No one can rock prints or a bright bold color quite like her. The singer/songwriter/ fashion icon has never failed to impress us with her fearless and fun clothing choices. She has us hook on everything from her hair to clothing to accessories to shoes to pulling and putting pieces of outfits together, you name it and she turns it into a beautiful and eye-catching masterpiece! She has an amazing talent for pulling off prints like no other.

So far, I only have five tops that I recently purchase at three retail stores for a good and reasonable price but these aren’t the only tops I will be having in my closet for Spring/Summer 2014. I will be hitting more retail stores and Thrift stores around the GTA after I’m done with school to purchase more prints and bright colors tops and pants. Keep tuning in to Demoiselle En Noir to see what clothing will be featured and added to “What’s in my closet for Spring/Summer 2014?”

Take a look below at my growing collection of prints and bright colors:

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset photo(29) photo(31) photo(30) photo(32)


Demoiselle en noir


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