New Fashion Blogs On The Block

photo(18)There are many popular and well known fashion blogs out there, which can be difficult to find great blogs that haven’t yet reach a wide audience within the cluttered Web. Today I decided to dedicate a special post to fashion blogs that are starting up just like myself;

Chronicle of the Seers has her very own sense of style that she brings out in all her lovely pictures. She shares about her life and travel experiences, clothes, food, music and animals. She puts a lovely finishing touch on all her pictures by adding her own meaningful quotes under them and her own signature filter.

Blogger: Seerlee Archer

Instagram: oftheseers


 Hello I’m Shanice is a free spirit and a glass of fun! She brings her wonderful creativity out whenever she makes a post, she gives the quickest 411 details on the latest trend and music not only is she a blogger but she’s also a youtuber. Her blog offers a brief daily blog entry about her Outfit of the Day, music, reviews, receipt for face mask, excellent make up tips and her stunning photography.

Blogger: Shanice Romelus

Instagram: helloimshanice


Do you like poetry, reviews about music and daily scoop about fashion? If yes then look no further Brandon R Will is the blog to check out for that! He’s a fresh new blogger that doesn’t only focus on mainstream music, but on local average artist, he listens to their newest album and gives his overall best review on them.  His creative writing is really eye opening and deep which delights me, truly it’s a wonderful thing to see the creativity of others and he gives the daily scoop about his outfit of the day, the new spring colours and spring/summer must have.

Blogger: Brandon Williams

Instagram: brandonrwill

Blog :


Demoiselle en noir


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