Trend Review 101: Boyfriend Jeans

photo(17)Have you heard about the newest trend alert going around? The one that involves stealing from a guys wardrobe or buying from their section? If not, then get yourself out of that small box you’re living in and go get the most popular and trendy pair of jeans;  the boyfriend jeans. They are being seen everywhere. Even on celebrities like Gwen Stephanie, Rachel Bilson, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Megan Fox, Victoria Beckham, Sarah Jessica Parker and so much more. It is now one of the must have and hottest jeans trend.

The boyfriend jeans originally started back in 2009, when actress Katie Holmes was spotted in public wearing Tom Cruise’s slouchy jeans. Since then, it caught on in a big way.

I recently purchase a pair of Boyfriend jeans from Urban Planet. What I love about this new trend is that it comes in different colours, design, length, fabric and details. The boyfriend jeans I got are loose fit, low rise, cuffed hems, comfy, and of course baggy.  It brings out a whole new look to any of my outfits. Whether casual to chic to edgy or dressed up, it completes it. They are super chic and edgy. They can literally be worn with anything.

To make your boyfriend jeans look effortlessly chic you can: roll up the cuffs, keep it relax by wearing something simple, wear it with a skinny belt or wear it with flats, ankle boots, heels or sandals.

Have you gotten a pair of boyfriend jeans? If not, there are plenty of boyfriend jeans available for purchase in stores everywhere. You can definitely find them at Thrift stores, H&M, Gap, Forever 21, Zara, Sirens, Urban Outfitters, Old Navy or Urban Planet.


Demoiselle en noir


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